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Cambridge Weather Forecast

Annual Temperature and Rainfall

The graphs below show what temperatures you can expect along with the average rainfall. It's wise to remember London's weather is very fickle, plan a picnic in the park in a bright and sunny morning and it could be raining by noon. So always be prepared, you never know what may happen.


The Cambridge weather changes from cold and damp in winter to bright and warm in the summer. Here's what you can expect to find throughout the year.

Spring (Mar - May)

Quite unpredictable with a good mixture of sun, rain and cloud. Temperatures average between 11°C and 15°C. Take a jacket when you go out.

Summer (Jun - Aug)

Generally sunny, with the occasional rainstorm. Temperatures average around 20°C, but have been known to go as high as 37.9°C.

Autumn (Sep - Nov)

Pretty much the same as spring. However it's not unknown for summer to run well into September or for November to be uncharacteristically cold. So be prepared.

Winter (Dec - Feb)

Temperatures hover around 6°C and it's normally mild but damp. It rarely freezes or snows in Cambridge, but you'd be wise to take a hat and gloves when going out.


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